Our highly trained team are here to offer you valuable advice on: servicing and preventive maintenance, maintenance intervals, on associated parts, and on doing the right thing at the right time.

It’s this professional advice and passion – together with the right maintenance and parts – that can make all the difference and prevent unexpected, costly and time-consuming mechanical failures. Exactly what you need for peace of mind.

Moody International Scania Specialists, have a purpose built state-of- the-art workshop, with all the specialised tools and excellent workshop facilities, ensuring there are reductions in labour costs which is passed on to our customers. Resulting in minimum downtime for our customers, ensures that the truck is ‘off the road’ for the minimum amount of time.

Our Diagnostic checklists – is tailored specifically to your vehicles and with the help of our computerised fault-tracing system – we can quickly and accurately spot any potential problems.

Quite simply, we take care of everything. We note inspection results in the maintenance report, along with advice and recommendations on repairs, if necessary, we suggest a scheduled repair date.

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